As Yapı, serving in project engineering, building and contracting fields, was founded in 1990 by construction high-engineer Haluk Sert.
As Yapı has been in the construction sector for over a quarter of a century, it has deserved its success line in the building sector with its historical works, public works, hotels and housing, shopping center and office construction projects. The private sector created projects for international brands, leading educational institutions in the country. Over this period, over 450 construction sites have completed construction projects at various scales.
In the year 2017, As Yapı is restructured together with As Group, while designing modern, functional and environmental buildings of the 21st century, it is aimed to develop with added value creating projects based on livable architecture.


Haluk Sert

Haluk Sert was born in Istanbul in 1968. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Construction Engineering Faculty in 1989 and continued his education with two master degrees in Istanbul University Construction Management and Organization and Management Policy programs. In 1990 Haluk Sert established “As Construction”.
Haluk Sert is grandson of famous weaving master in Denizli, Buldan Halil Sert and son of Abdullah Özol Sert founder of As Textile and Weaving in 1970. At an early age Haluk Sert started to work at his father’s textile and weaving firm which was located in İstanbul, Sultanhamam. Haluk Sert has gained lot’s of valuable experience about business life while working with his father.
He is married and has two sons. His home and workplace is in Beykoz.