• To ensure institutional and individual sense of satisfaction with the service we provided. We integrate our employees to social and technological development to meet society’s needs and expectations quickly, accurately and efficiently.
  • Keep our services in high quality and be a strong and trusted company in our sector.
  • Follow the rules of quality, environment and work safety management system to keep them efficient.
  • Respect the laws and regulations which we are responsible because of our activities.
  • Make sure to give necessary information and training to our employees in order to keep our visitors and other employees healthy and safe
  • • Systematically managing the risks of dangerous behavior and hazardous situations to prevent them.
  • • For all of our activities; we recycle our waste to reduce use of limited natural resources, prevent pollution arising from waste harmful to environment and take the necessary measures against pollution and safety of nature.
These policies will be announced to public by using communication channels and will be open to public opinion.
Management will constantly follow the implementation of MANAGEMENT POLICY.