Without compromising the quality and safety of its employees and in harmony with strategic partners, open to innovation and change, constantly improving, respectful to national and international regulations and specifications and producing environment friendly projects our vision as a company is to being known and trusted in engineering, construction and project management areas.
And also as “As Construction” we know that the most important thing is human. The picture we imagine and projected with mathematics and graphics are going to be a structure which will benefits humankind and nature with a healthy, peaceful, comfortable and safe living tool.


At the same time we are an example.
When building the traces of the future, we become an example to those who come from behind. Every step we take on a sound base creates a new vision, a new perspective.


Our mission is framed by “Keep a city’s past, Design a city to the future” philosophy.
We design and produce modern, minimalist, functional, aesthetic and environmentalist projects that improve social acceleration at the city center of Istanbul compatible with the city’s new skyline.
In our renovation projects we preserve 19th and 20th Century’s architectural characteristics and romantic elements of the structures which are home to Istanbul’s cultural mosaic for centuries.